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How to Prepare Yourself For a Long Cycling Route

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How to Prepare Yourself For a Long Cycling Route

Oudenaarde is not just great for a city break for groups or couples in the centre of Europe, it is also a haven for lovers of the great outdoors with incredible cycling routes for you to explore the beautiful Oudenaarde area. The city hosts top cyclist events challenging for both tourists and locals to partake in such as the Ename Classic, Tour Of Flanders and much more. Up for the adventure? We have compiled a list of how you can prepare yourself for a long cycling route.

Pace Yourself

Distance cycling is not a sprint, it is a game of endurance so it is vital that you pace yourself throughout your cycle. Listen to your body to avoid severe and quick burnout. In order to make the finish line, start at a steady pace, and gradually build up speed as you go on. The bike pedals should move effortlessly beneath you and keep a pace of at least 90 revolutions per minute. With this pace, your muscles won’t get too stressed and you will be able to maintain a steady pace. As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race!

Eat Correctly, Stay Hydrated

On the day of your cycle, it is important you eat correctly and stay hydrated. A carb gillied breakfast such as jam on toast or porridge is ideal to eat before a big race and give yourself a good hour and a half to digest it. Although you won’t eat much during your race, it is always best to get into the habit of packing a light snack with you, such as a banana or flapjack square to keep your energy up should you need it. It is also vital to stay hydrated throughout your cycle, so put a bottle of water or energy drink in your bottle cage and have a sip every 15-20 minutes, even if you don’t feel thirsty.

Look After Your Bike

Through training and the day of your race challenge, your bike will be your best friend so it’s important you look after it. Little things to check before your race, so clean your bike, ensuring there is no mud or dirt caught in between the cables or wheels. Make sure your chain has no rust and grease it up frequently to prevent this. The condition of your tyres is also vital too, check for wear and tear and also ensure they are pumped up to the correct pounds per square.

Avoid Aches

All sorts of different aches and pains can present themselves during your long cycle. In order to present this, try to introduce a bit of movement throughout your cycle such as rolling your shoulders, stretching out your legs n standing up and dropping one pedal to keep the leg straight and holding for several seconds, switching and repeating for the other leg.

Rest up at Leopold Hotel Oudenaarde

After all, that pedalling, you will need a base to put your feet up and relax. Leopold Hotel Oudenaarde offers a comfortable, stylish, and relaxing place to stay for organisers, staff, riders, and onlookers for these exciting races which happen but once a year. Located on the Scheldt in the De Ham district, we’re ideally located to explore the area, attend events, go shopping or sightseeing, or be an ideal place to get some R&R before exploring everything the city has to offer. We’re close to many mountain bike routes & fantastic Belgian restaurants and the town centre is a short walk away. Our stylish and comfortable bedrooms will ensure you get a great night’s sleep, preparing you for whatever the following day has in store.

Book your stay at Leopold Hotel Oudenaarde on our official website to enjoy exclusive access to our best available rates and seasonal special offers. We look forward to welcoming you.

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